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Juan Calvo

Coloma Ballester
Postdoctoral Researcher
93 542 1449
Office 55.424


Sánchez O, Calvo J, Ibañez C, Guerrero I, Soler J. Modeling Hedgehog signaling through flux-saturated mechanisms. In: Hedgehog signaling protocols. Springer; 2015. p. 19-33. (Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series (MIMB, volume 1322)).
Calvo J, Soler J, Verbeni M. A non-linear flux-limited model for the transport of morphogens. In: Delitala M, Ajmone Marsan J, editors. Managing Complexity, reducing perplexity. Modeling biological systems. Vol 67.; 2014. p. 55-64. (Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics; vol 67).