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Gloria Haro

Gloria Haro
93 542 2421
Office 55.118


Rezaeirowshan B, Ballester C, Haro G. Monocular Depth Ordering using Perceptual Occlusion Cues. In: International Conference on Computer Vision and Applications, VISAPP 2016.; 2016.
Oliver M, Haro G, Dimiccoli M, Mazin B, Ballester C. A Computational Model for Amodal Completion. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision. 2016;56(3):pp 511-34.
P.Palomares R, Haro G, Ballester C. A Rotation-Invariant Regularization Term for Optical Flow Related Problems. In: Computer Vision ACCV 2014. Vol 9007. Proceedings of the ACCV'14, Singapore; 2015. pp p. 304-19. (Lectures Notes in Computer Science; vol 9007).